Dev:Ember Tree

There are always interesting ideas floating around at AWS, especially at Christmas time post re:Invent. This year was no different. Matt and I noticed an interesting opportunity pop up around an IoT Christmas Tree and decided that it might be fun to extend on a small project we built a few months ago on Devs… Continue reading Dev:Ember Tree

Node.js Express and AWS Lambda

Expressjs is well known framework for build javascript applications and APIs. I often use express to build Proof of concept apps ( heh I build this little one just last week ). One of the questions I get asked a lot is how should I begin building small apps in a Serverless manner without… Continue reading Node.js Express and AWS Lambda

Reference and import existing assets into AWS CDK

Hey Everyone, Have spent quite a bit of time recently using AWS CDK to build cloud infrastructure via code. What I really like about it is the fact I can code up AWS infrastructure in my preferred language (generally Python or Javascript) and spend less time to do this than in the past when I… Continue reading Reference and import existing assets into AWS CDK

WordPress on Amazon Lightsail

So here is the first post on our blog, Matt and I setup WordPress on Amazon Lightsail, the video is available at the end of this post. Lightsail is handy, it provides us with a “no hassle” Virtual Machine that also has the benefit of coming pre-packaged with WordPress ( amongst other apps ). To… Continue reading WordPress on Amazon Lightsail

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